A-34 Progress Report & Updated Map April 25, 2024

Temporary Access   –  Milford 13th Street Access Road Locations_4-25-24

Residents along Airport Drive, use the newly constructed granular access road from Airport Drive to 213th Ave that runs along the north side of FS Energy’s propane tank. (SEE ATTACHED MAP). As this access is running through private property, please be considerate of the homeowners, stay on the access road and use slower speeds. The bus will be dropping kids off at this location along 213th Ave as well.

Residents along Westview Drive and Clover, use the newly constructed granular access road from Clover to H Ave (SEE ATTACHED MAP). This is the only route residents shall take and both of Westview Drives intersections will be closed starting Friday, April 26th. No traffic should be cutting across 13th Street and entering through Accura Healthcare’s parking lot as this is private property and is not a detour route.

Residents East of H Avenue along 13th Street, continue using the closest side street to your property and the contractor will be maintaining the existing road bed to the best of their ability. With the forecasted rain, if you do not feel comfortable traveling across the existing road bed, please park at the closest side street.

There should not be any traffic driving down the length of the project. This is dangerous for the construction crew as well as the driver of the vehicle.

As a reminder, there will be times you will not be able to enter your driveway when they are working directly in front of it.

Upcoming Construction

-The contractor will continue removing concrete/asphalt driveways and sidewalks along the entire length of the project.

-The contractor plans to begin installing sanitary sewer at the beginning of next week. This work will begin at the easterly intersection of Westview Drive and 13th St and will work east from there.

-The temporary water is planning to be switched on to residents beginning early next week. We will notify the affected homeowners at that time.