A34 Progress Report May 15, 2024

Westview Drive and Clover Lane Residents 

-The current access from Westview Drive to Airport Drive will continue for an additional week (5-20 – 5-24). As soon as all of the proposed utilities are in place within the H Avenue/13th Street intersection, the access from Clover Lane to H Avenue will be restored.

-Please tell all visitors, family members, and kids to slow down while driving on the access roads. As a reminder, some of these access roads are through private property. Please be respectful.

13th Street Heading East of H Avenue

-The contractor plans to continue from J Avenue to M Avenue beginning next week. This includes installing sanitary sewer, water main, and sanitary sewer/water services. When this work is near your home, you will not be able to access your driveway. The contractor is doing their best to restore driveway access at the end of the day, but this isn’t guaranteed. Since there are multiple utilities to install, the construction crew will be directly in front of your house multiple times off and on.

General Update

-Once the access from H Ave to Clover is restored, the contractor will continue utilities west, towards 213th Avenue.

-The contractor does not currently have a hard closure date set for the intersection of 213th Avenue and 13th Street, but the contractor is currently targeting the first or second week in June. Once crews are closer to the intersection, a timely update will be provided with an exact closure date.