Golf Cart Rules and Regulations in the City of Milford

The city would like to remind those operating golf carts in the city that a permit is needed to do so.  To apply for a golf cart permit please stop into city hall or go to the link here  to complete the form and submit the necessary information.

Please be aware that a permit in Milford does not extend to the City of Arnolds Park or West Okoboji and vice versa.

The code of regulations is below:

  1. Golf carts cannot be operated on 13th Street, Highway 71, Highway 86 or 28th Street; these streets are for crossing ONLY.


  1. Golf carts must be equipped with a slow-moving vehicle sign and bicycle safety flag.


  1. Golf carts can only be operated on City streets from one-half hour after sunrise to one-half hour before sunset.


  1. Golf carts shall be equipped with adequate brakes.


  1. The permit to operate the golf cart must be posted in the golf cart during operation.


  1. Golf carts are only to be operated on City streets from April 1st to October 31st. All permits expire on November 1st of each year.


  1. Golf carts cannot exceed 10 miles per hour.


  1. No more than 2 occupants (the driver and one passenger) can be on the golf cart while in operation.


  1. The golf cart will not be used to tow anything.


  1. The applicant must inform the City immediately if their driver’s license or insurance coverage is no longer valid. The operation of a golf cart without a valid driver’s license and insurance is prohibited.