Press Release – A34 Road Construction and Closure

A34 Road Construction and Closure:

With the A34 road construction project underway, the Milford Police Department has received numerous phone calls in regards to traffic and routes. The weekly updates are being posted on the City of Milford, IA website and it provides you the road closures and routes that are to be used during the construction process. We understand that this may not be convenient but it is necessary for the safety of the workers and for the integrity of the construction process. You may be subject to fines or civil penalties under the following code sections if you drive around the barricades or travel outside of the designated assigned routes:

135.05 TRAVELING ON BARRICADED STREET OR ALLEY.  It is unlawful for any person to travel or operate any vehicle on any street or alley temporarily closed by barricades, lights, signs, or flares placed thereon by the authority or permission of any City official, police officer or member of the fire department. 

 61.05 COMPLIANCE.  No driver of a vehicle shall disobey the instructions of any official traffic control device placed in accordance with the provisions of this chapter, unless at the time otherwise directed by a peace officer, subject to the exceptions granted the driver of an authorized emergency vehicle under Section 321.231 of the Code of Iowa.  (Code of Iowa, Sec. 321.256) 

 42.04 UNAUTHORIZED ENTRY.  No unauthorized person shall enter or remain in or upon any public building, premises or grounds in violation of any notice posted thereon or when said building, premises or grounds are closed and not open to the public.  When open to the public, a failure to pay any required admission fee also constitutes an unauthorized entry.  

We ask affected residents to follow only the designated routes of travel through the construction zone during the construction process and to know that thru traffic, including crossing traffic is NOT allowed on A34. Parking on a side street and walking to your residence may be required at times during this process but know that it will be temporary. We also want to remind the public that with the construction, the side streets in the area have seen an increase in traffic. With the increase in traffic, comes the potential for increased accidents. Use caution at the uncontrolled intersections and be prepared to stop suddenly with the nicer weather and children outside playing.

We appreciate your cooperation,

Chief of Police, Shilo Brevik                                                                                                                                                                                                                City of Milford, Police Department